Toyota Top To Bottom

In 2012 Toyota engaged in a marketing campaign for their new Toyota FJ Cruiser. This involved Mark Ellis, a camera crew and of course the FJ Crusier travelling from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island. Along the way there were checkpoints to pass, challenges to complete, and people to meet.

All this action needed to be encapsulated in a website as part of the FJ Cruiser's marketing and so AIM Proximity in conjunction with Clemengers BBDO came up with the Top To Bottom website.

My role was to work with another designer to come up with the visual look of the site which was two part; the interface which tracked Mark's progress and showcased all the events that happened along the way, and the rest of the site which dealt with information on the FJ Cruiser and any relevant user competitions.

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  • Client: Toyota

  • Studio: AIM Proximity

  • Input: Design

Top To Bottom The Legendary Journey page

Top To Bottom Checkpoint page

Top To Bottom 60 Years of Land Crusier page